The Teddy Bear Hunt

6 July, 2024-7 July, 2024

The school holidays are here, and it's time for a heartwarming adventure you won't want to miss.

We need YOUR help to find our lost teddy bears and give them a BIG hug and a makeover!

Cost: FREE
Date: July 6 & 7 only
Location: Near the Kmart Entry

Here's how YOU can be a hero:

  • Follow the Teddy Trail: The map will lead you on a delightful quest, where you'll discover our lost teddy bear friends. Follow the map to discover aprons and markers hidden in our participating stores.
  • Unleash your Inner Artist: Take your new cuddly friend home to give him a new makeover.
  • Spread the love! Here's the most magical part: for every Two Hugs Teddy you decorate, Campbellfield Plaza will donate another one to a child living in crisis, through our partnership with Two Good Co! Together, we'll make a difference, one hug at a time.

It's going to be a blast decorating your own cuddly companion, all while bringing a smile to a child who needs it most.

Terms and conditions apply.